How to Choose the Right Self Balancing Scooter

The technology with which we are surrounded always has something in its store to surprise us and make us overdrawn to its contribution to ease the lives of humans. The recent invention of self balancing scooters is another accomplishment and regardless of the fact that they are very new to the world, they already have got popular across the globe.

Riding a self balancing scooter

Riding a self balancing scooter is fun

The craziness for this new invention can easily be witnessed by the fact that even famous celebrities are riding them and many renowned filmmakers are featuring this scooter in their movies and adding an extra flavor into their popularity. Their extremely growing popularity and growing demand have made many new manufacturers and brands cracking out of the shell in an overnight. With so many brands and each selling these scooters at different prices and features make it hard for the buyers to choose the right one.


For every buyer seeking to buy this self balancing scooter must check out a few steps before they regret their decision of ending up buying the wrong one. Below are the few mentioned factors that can help you choose the best self balancing scooter.




As there are different brands and manufacturers available in the market, it becomes hard choosing the scooter of good quality as most of them are the new ones. Thus, choosing the scooter of superior quality is an important factor.

For self balancing scooter running on batteries, it becomes important to choose the good and reliable battery. The low quality battery can create major issues like you may not get able to travel for a long time. Other batteries that get used for the scooters are the substandard batteries. Substandard batteries are known to get down when the scooter is moving. So, to avoid any of these issues, you must purchase a scooter of good quality. You may have to pay higher, but the product would be worthy of the price you have paid.




Size again acts as an important factor when you are buying the self balance scooter. Different sizes of the scooter have been introduced and generally the size of these scooters is determined by the diameter of the wheels. For instance, if you are going to buy the scooters for your child, then the size must be considered depending on the age. The choice of the size also makes a difference in the height and the ground clearance. So, keep things in mind like what height you want and for which person you are buying the scooter, a child or a mature one.


Safety Features


The most important feature that is necessary to consider when buying the scooter is to know the safety features that it possesses.

As a scooter and a riding gadget, speed is an important safety feature. The speed of the scooter gets constantly monitored when the scooter is moving and when the scooter crosses the upper limit, it signals with a beep and remains on the same speed.

Another safety feature you should consider the most is about the low battery protection. If you are riding the scooter and the battery suddenly gets below than 10%, then the scooter will slow down before it finally stops. This safety feature prevents from the sudden death and makes it safer for the kids to use too.

So, before you buy the self balance scooter, you are highly recommended to look out for this feature in specifically.

How to check the battery using a multimeter



Range is another factor that must be considered before buying the scooter. The least range that you must go for shouldn’t be less than 10 kilometers. Going for something less than 10 kilometers is just not enough and will make you to keep the scooter on the charge for all the time.

The range of the scooter depends on many other factors too, such as the charging time, body weight of the person riding the sco0oter, and the path you are travelling on.




The last and the most important factor that you should consider before buying the scooter is the price. Make yourself aware of the minimum and the maximum budget of the scooter and spend as per your requirement. But, don’t end up for the minimum budgeted scooter as there are chances that the scooter won’t run for the longest time.


These are perhaps the most important features to consider before one is going to buy the scooter and ignoring any of these features can make you compromise with the quality and your expectation of the self balancing scooter.

Orion Skyquest XT4.5 Telescope Review

Orion Skyquest XT4.5 Telescope Review

If you want a great introduction into astronomy, then you will want a good quality telescope to get you started. The Orion Skyquest XT4.5 is one such telescope that can Orion Skyquest XT4.5 provide you with really good quality images, as well as ease of use. In this article we are going to take a closer look at the XT4.5 to help you get a better understanding of what it is capable of, and whether it is the right telescope for you.

The Orion Skyquest XT4.5 telescope is small in size and light in weight too, which makes it extremely portable. It is also affordable compared to the other types of telescopes in this category, and an ideal choice for the beginner to intermediate. Its innovative design and optical performance makes it easy to use even among young children who want to explore the night sky.

Video overview of the XT4.5

This telescope is able to give you really clear views and images of the surrounding starts and planets, and a great way for you or your family to get to know the sky and beyond a bit better. In addition, the Orion Skyquest XT4.5 is able to give you depth, colors and shapes of the far away planets. It does not only make things bigger but give you an opportunity to see greater detail of the subject matter.

A closer look at the Orion Skyquest XT4.5

Type of lens and focal length

Orion Skyquest XT4.5 (2)As a general rule of thumb a good telescope should encompass vital elements that are of quality, this is if you are to get an astronomical experience. This includes good lens and focal length: based on these two facts you will realize that Orion Skyquest XT4.5 does fulfill them adequately.

It has a 144mm aperture with a focal length of 910mm and a focal ratio of f/ 8, which enable you to have exceptional views of lunar craters and nebulae. The 2 eye pieces, focuser, and the finder scope enhance a great deal what you can see. And also makes the telescope user- friendly.

Ease of use

This Dobsonian design telescope has unique features that enhance its functionality. They are essential in that even children and beginners will find it easy to use. It has a good support system providing a great structure to the reflector optical tube.

This always makes balancing adjustments and knobs to be in the correct positions. The Orion Skyquest XT4.5 (1)nylon bearing pads ensure smooth gliding and longevity of the product. Due to the fact it comes with a sturdy tripod, your viewing will be very steady and stable.

To get the maximum balance with the Orion Skyquest XT4.5, it uses the friction optimization system which helps optical tube (4.5 inch in length) stay in place. It also enhances better motion control when trying to see the different aspects of the night sky. It is light in weight and stands at 17.6Ibs.

Eye pieces and scope

The image finder scope, and the different eye pieces that include the 10-mm and 25mm Sirius Plossl, all give this model its excellent image capabilities. It comes with a collimation cap, eye piece rack, rubber bumper, and plastic feet, just to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. It is also easy to assembly and does need any major setting of technical components.

Orion Skyquest XT4.5 (3)

It is paramount to note that the Orion Skyquest XT4.5 telescope will give you a non-inverted achromatic image. This reflector type of telescope is best for viewing bright deep sky, and it has a resolving power of 1.02 arc-sec.

Apart from it being an optical reflector design telescope, it has useful lowest magnification that is 17x while the highest useful magnification is at 228x. This means that you can get to see objects with clarity at 200,000 miles away.


Is the Orion Skyquest XT4.5 right for you?

With the XT4.5 you are getting a lot of star gazing ability coupled with a real ease of use set up. This telescope provides really good quality images, and you will be able to see a lot of detail with this also. The Orion Skyquest XT4.5 is a great beginner to intermediate telescope that offers quality and value for money too.

Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ Refractor Telescope Review

Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ

Celestron Refractor Telescopes have long been trusted by aspiring and professional astronomers for bridging the gap between the earth and the other wonders of the universe. Their line of refractor telescopes has become the household name for first time telescope owners with their combination of power, quality, features, and value for money.Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ (4)

One of these innovative refractor telescopes is the dual purpose Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ refractor telescope that can provide accurate views of the sky and land. It’s not just good for celestial and terrestrial viewing, as it can also be used for astrophotography using a T-Mount adapter.

If you are just starting out and you want the Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ refractor telescope as your first step into star gazing, then you be pleased to know that this is very easy to use right out of the box. You will not have to spend a long time learning different functions and features; Celestron has done a great job of making this extremely user friendly.


A closer look at the Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ refractor telescope

Erect optical refractor lens

Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ (2)The 2.6 inch Optical Refractor Lens of the Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ refractor telescope is fully coated to deliver crisp and clear images of the stars, moon, planets, and other objects in the sky. The clarity of the images produces by the Astromaster 70 AZ is excellent.

It has an erect image optics that enables the Celestron 21061 to work on both astronomical and terrestrial use. When used for terrestrial viewing, the image projected will be inverted as a result of the angular magnification.

Up to 90x magnification

To complement the 70 millimeter optical refractor lens of the Celestron 21061 Astromaster, it also includes 2 different eyepieces for 45 times and up to 90 times magnification. This magnification range can draw in objects far and near with superior accuracy, making it an ideal telescope not just for beginners but intermediate u

Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ (1)

sers as well.

Child friendly and easy to use

As an ideal entry level telescope for the aspiring astronomer, the Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ Refractor Telescope is loaded with a host of features that makes it easy and fun to use. As a child-friendly feature, the telescope’s refractor design makes it capable of withstanding continual use and allows easy maintenance.

Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ (1)It also has a Starpointer finder scope for easy pinpointing and tracking of heavenly objects and phenomenon’s. Another feature is the pan handle Alt-Az configuration with clutch that allows precise and smooth flowing shots.

For an easy, no-tool set-up, the 21061 Astromaster is also built with a quick-release dovetail attachment that will get you started in no time. This also allows portability for those out of town night sky observation sessions.

SkyX astronomy software

The Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ Refractor Telescope comes with the “SkyX” First Light Edition astronomer’s software that includes over 10,000 cosmic database, printable sky maps, and dozens of improved images to get you started.

Pre-assembled tripod for stable supportCelestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ (5)

A pre-assembled tripod with a rugged design is included in the Astronomer telescope package. It has three 1.25 inch steel tube legs that allow a balanced and stable support for a zero-wobble viewing experience.


Astrophotography capabilities

As a multi-purpose refractor telescope, the Celestron 21061 Astromaster also has astrophotography capabilities aside from providing accurate views of the sky and land. This is made possible through the use of a compatible T-Mount adapter, which is sold separately.

Deluxe accessory tray

Celestron’s 21061 Astromaster also features a deluxe accessory tray for storing accessories and other personal items as you enjoy the view that the telescope provides. The Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ refractor telescope is backed by a 2 year limited company warranty.

Final thoughts on the Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ refractor telescope

Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ (3)This is a very easy telescope to set up and use, and it will give you a great view of far away planets. Celestron have used their knowledge and experience to produce this telescope for the entry level market, and it does a wonderful job of providing clear crisp images. If you are starting out, or you want something for your kids to be able to look into space, then the Celestron 21061 Astromaster 70 AZ refractor telescope is a great model to choose from, and at a very affordable price too.

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