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There is almost always a specific reason why I choose to read a particular book, especially those relating to the United States Civil War. A common side-effect of being particular is the tendency to learn a little more about something I didn’t know about or previously consider. Reading about the Civil War, especially from first-hand accounts and reports brings with it an air of humanity. Any time you can put a name with a face and then place that face at a given location at a specific time. the history becomes real and alive.

Books (Non-Fiction)

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Civil War Prisons


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Okay, so technically you can’t read movies, but if you turn on the Closed-Captioning you can!

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  1. PA.Yankee says:

    I used to have the first seven years’ worth of Civil War Times, and I miss not having them now terribly.Could they reissue the first editions (say in ten-year sets) since this is the PERFECT time for such a thing? In today’s age, the whole thing could go on one DVD…
    Of course, I would love to see it in print form again…

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